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Installation and maintenance of your septic system

Replace your old septic system with a new one by hiring our professionals. Once you’ve had us install it for you, we’re ready to take on all the maintenance work that comes with it. We’ll help keep your septic system working long and efficiently.

The new residential or commercial space you’re constructing will need a fully-functional septic system. Bring us in to install it for you! We can take on some new construction projects so that when you’re ready to move into your property, you’ll have a superior septic system in place.

Our company was in the hands of Handel family for the first generation. Tyler Gohlke came into the picture during the second generation and took over the business. He continues to work alongside the Handels even today!

Your household wastewater needs to be disposed off in a hygienic and effective manner. You’ll need us to inspect your septic system and the septic well to make sure it’s working properly. Hire us to do these inspections for your real estate properties.

Need a septic system for your new property?

The history behind Handel/Gohlke Plumbing Inc.

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